Our Story

Lo easywear

Our story began with three little girls who became best friends on the first day of school when they were only 3 years old. They found each other and never let go. These little girls are our daughters. They brought their mothers together unknowingly and created the birth of this brand. These three little girls made this dream happen.

This gang also gives the ultimate decision for every piece we create, shaping the future of our brand. What else could a children's brand need?

"Their perspective, comfort, and quality."In our opinion, all children deserve to be both stylish and comfortable. With our easywear concept, we accompany them on this journey by creating a fun and comfortable style for kids from 4 to 12. We ensure that our models are unisex and mix & match, allowing them to create their own style. We put a lot of thought into creating our patterns; we want them to be unique and to convey something meaningful.

Respect for nature and sustainability are at the heart of all our decisions. Ensuring production with care of the environment is our top priority. Therefore, we produce all our fabrics in our easywear line using recycled threads. The fabrics are woven by hand by Turkish artisans in a small town by the Aegean Sea in the south of Turkey.

Our swimwear line includes, bikinis, one-piece swimwear, rashguards, shorts and boxers with UPF50+ certification. We make sure that every piece we produce comes from small family workshops that can achieve the comfort and quality we desire.The name “Lo” comes from the shortened form of "loved one". A mixture of love and well-being — the core of our brand.Lo is created with awareness, care, joy and love. Please enjoy!